Trash Chute Cleaning

Attention building owners! You need Trash Chute Cleaning from Steam USA. Trash chutes are one of the most neglected areas of any building. Dirty compactor chutes may contain waste matter, bacteria, ridden food remnants and other toxins. They provide an ideal nesting place for insects and vermin. Just in case that wasn’t enough reasons to schedule a garbage chute cleaning, dirty garbage chutes smell. Steam USA's method of trash chute cleaning and sanitizing will rid your building’s hallways and basements of unpleasant odors.

Steam USA’s Trash Chute Cleaning Includes

  • A high pressure cleaning process that blasts your trash chutes clean.
  • A thorough deodorizing process that removes all unpleasant odors.
  • Maintenance / repair of hopper doors and compactors

Trash Chute Cleaning Sets Your Building Apart

Properly cleaned trash chutes is a reflection on the buildings maintenance and a staple of a well managed building. Steam USA recommends that you schedule a trash chute cleaning at least once or twice a year. Don’t wait until your tenants complain or you are over run with vermin. Contact the professionals at Steam USA today.

Trash Chute Cleaning Appointment