Steam USA Spot Guide

Regardless of what spill you are dealing with there are some basic tips that we have found that should always be followed:

1. Act Quickly

  • Using clean white towels or tissues absorb as much liquid and scrape up as much solid material as you can.
  • Work in toward the center of the spot when cleaning to minimize spreading. Repeat steps if necessary, and always blot between steps with clean white towels.

2. Always do a Spot Test

  • Spot test on a portion of the fabric or carpet that is not normally visible (especially on upholstery fabrics, where water-based solutions may leave ring marks.) Be careful not to overwet.

3. Never Use Bleach

4. When in Doubt Call the Professionals at Steam USA

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Spill Guide






Fruit Juice/Jelly/ Artificial Colors


Urine/Vomit/Pet Stains

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